2x increase in outbound sales at fortune 100 cloud

100% engagement across partners.

24% higher salescampaign activity, driven by 10% higher salestoolstack adoption.

Partner sellers in 13 countries getstandardized and accelerated onboarding.

Before BigSpring:

Channelpartners led 75% of outbound sales efforts but productivity lagged.

Sellers couldn’t keep up withthe latest product innovation and business strategies.

They were provided “one and done”support with 2 weeks in a classroom and followup.

Less than 50% ofsellers said they felt equipped to get startedwith sales.

Now they can:

Accelerate Onboarding, product and sales enablement for sellers weekly,daily.

Personalize By region, customer segment, tenure.

Engage Beyond content, sellers practice and receive feedback to ensureit sticks.

Automate Integration with CRM means rapid reach at scale.

Track outcomes based on on stickiness, not hours and quiz scores, tomeasure ROI.

“I'm in love with BigSpring. It’s dynamic, gamified and flexible, allowing us to standardize the learning experience, while also add our secret sauce.” - Barbara, Sales Coach

“BigSpring enables us to quickly launch campaigns whenever it is needed and with ease.” - Tapuwa, Sales Coach

“Reps held us accountable to making sure that we digest the information we earned.” - - Madison, User