Gig work ready


Driver enablement training was ad hoc and delivered in-person, making it untrackable, time consuming and ineffective. Drivers were not equipped to successfully start driving with Uber, leading to high churn and low driver supply hours.


BigSpring is embedded directly in Uber’s driver app, providing a localized experience. Real-time user level analytics with high trackability enable faster driver re-activation, which increases available driver hours.


Uber achieved double digits improvement in driver retention, productivity and ride quality.


Uber is one of the largest firms in the gig economy.

Data showed a high churn rate for drivers and inconsistent quality of their performance. Low quality rider experiences and safety violations were harming Uber’s brand, limiting their ability to scale “demand side” in the face of stiff competition.

Drivers’ ratings increased by 23 bps

Product Engagement

The success of BigSpring training created a 38k monthly increase in driver supply hours. Drivers spent less time training and more time driving.  More driver supply hours means more revenue.

+27% Trip acceptance

Product Velocity

This critical metric is used to determine rider waiting time. The less time riders wait the more positive experience they have.   

64% reduction in training costs

Revenue Impact

Integrating BigSpring into the Uber Driver App created an efficient channel for keeping drivers up to date with skills and best practices. 

“We have a long running partnership with BigSpring. We have used their analytics and contextual learning to train our driver partners.” - Head, Driver Operations
“I view videos in my free time (after work hours or while in the queue at the airport). These videos has improved my ratings, I have avoided cancellations and become a responsible driver at Uber.” - Driver partner
“It is easy to use, can understand in a better way as the training is totally audiovisual basis, and can learn whenever I want to.” - Driver partner
“Thank you Uber for training us in a simple manner, the videos are so simple that they can be understood by anyone. System and language are very easy to understand. Especially the Understand section is very helpful as it is bullet points. Videos are also short and on the subject.” - Driver partner
“Quality related videos are really important as it helped me know how to interact with riders pleasantly. Our conversation should be basis their body language and we should greet them with a smile. What are the best practices we should follow during our trips, how can we improve our ratings etc - knowing all of this has really improved my performance”  - Driver partner