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BigSpring continuously ensures sales is proficient with your products to accelerate revenue.

How it works

3 steps to revenue

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Relevant campaigns

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Users practice (do Reps™)

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Predict and iterate for results

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The modern AI-powered solution

This is like AI-powered Fitbit for sales


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Right updates, right people, right time. Do it fast with little or no content.


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For “can they do the job?” Users practice with feedback from AI and peers.

Did it stick?

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See and measure

ProScore measures product proficiency by sellers, teams, and campaigns.

What our customers think

Frequently asked questions

What is BigSpring?

BigSpring is a platform that rapidly retools your sales teams and partners to be proficient in driving revenue with your latest solutions. We measure practice, proficiency and sales growth not content watched or deals registered. Think of BigSpring as your “Fitbit for sales”.

Is BigSpring a CRM Customer Relationship Management or PRM Partner Relationship Management tool?

No. Your CRM/PRM tool is like the scoreboard - it tracks deals, wins, losses. BigSpring is the practice engine that gets your sellers ready. You can start using BigSpring even before a product is launched so your team can hit the ground running. And you can continue using BigSpring to address problems your CRM/PRM identifies. We integrate with your CRM/PRM to make all this seamless and even automated.

How does BigSpring work?

BigSpring’s AI engine deploys targeted campaigns on the latest solutions. Sellers practice by doing their RepsTM with feedback from AI and peers to build proficiency. Each salesperson gets a dynamic ProScore to quantify their proficiency on the latest products and predict their readiness to sell them. The ProScore isn’t just a passive score–it can be mapped to revenue uplift to dynamically identify what’s yielding the best results and generate the next campaign.

Do we need a dedicated person to run BigSpring?

No. BigSpring can be launched in a week and run with minimal support. Although, we have a terrific Customer Success team and best practices playbooks. Customers typically say they are saving time with our faster and easier approach to sharing updates and providing feedback at scale. This beats endless webinars, meetings, content production, etc.

Do we need a lot of content to start?

No. We have a high / low / no content approach. A “no content” approach would be running a pitch contest to prompt users for demonstrations. “Low content” is having your best sales person record a pitch and sharing it at scale. “High content” is taking a voluminous beltway of content, if you have it and pushing it on in a curated and personalized way. You can also create instant campaigns using our campaign co-pilot - although you always decide what gets pushed out.

How does coaching work?

On BigSpring, sellers build proficiency through practice. For example, sellers can practice and upload a sales pitch for review. They can also receive feedback from peers, managers, teammates and AI. BigSpring’s practice co-pilot is a pocket coach, giving sellers instant feedback on what to practice, when to do their repsTM and how well they’re doing.

How do you support our growth?

BigSpring gives each seller a dynamic ProScore to quantify their proficiency on the latest products and solutions to predict their readiness for sales. Using BigSpring’s CRM integrations, you can attribute the ProScore to revenue, and then dynamically identify what is or isn’t working to inform the next campaign. This way, BigSpring continuously optimizes for sales growth.

Are you a Content Management System?

No. We can host and organize content, but for BigSpring, content is not our mission. We are focused on building proficiency and measuring sales outcomes.

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