How BigSpring works

Deploy the most people-centric, AI models to everboard salespeople at pace with innovation and scale best practices. Measure inputs in real time and show outcomes in your pipeline. This is like Fitbit for sales.

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Targeted campaigns

Set up campaigns: which can be done in as little as 3 minutes. The campaign can be assigned by users, teams or any group to activate new information and best practices into their workflow

Users practice with coaching

They learn, engage and practice the material. You have clear visibility into which teammates have made progress as well as provide feedback and coach best practices. Coaches can work live or asynchronously to encourage members who are falling behind and bring them up to speed with your best performers.

Measure outcomes and share best practices

ProScore measures product proficiency by user, group and campaign. This is like Fitbit for sales. You will know what's going on out in the field. Measure results in real time for the individual and the team. See how the practice of the information directly reflects on the teams proficiency and more importantly, their output. Leverage your enterprise dashboard to map performance with your CRM and drive continuous improvement. 

The more you use it, the better it gets

At BigSpring, we’re building a multi-stage Large Language Model (LLM) and Multi-modal LLM to power workflows using Generative AI

Stage 1:

Assist with content and campaign creation based on best practices. This will allow you to more effectively search for topics and campaigns in real time.

Stage 2:

Incorporate industry specific phrases and terms to proactively provide feedback and insights for the learner and coaches to know where to double down on their efforts.

Stage 3:

Specifically for you and your company. Based on your private data, BigSpring will be able to help create campaigns highlighting your competitive edge and custom insights.

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