Compliance and service ready

Insurance company uses BigSpring’s measurable single channel to get people channel ready

The Challenge

AXA shared critical information about product updates and regulatory training requirements through email and in-person trainings. Low email open rates and COVID impacted financial consultants’ ability to meet sales quotas and regulatory requirements. 

The Solution

AXA uses BigSpring for deployment of mobile-first, self-paced learning, for product training and announcements. BigSpring allows measurement of impact and proficiency created by content from in-house and external sources.

The Outcome

AXA can now drive product proficiency, sales and compliance requirements through a single channel that measures proficiency.


AXA Singapore manages an ecosystem of thousands of insurance financial consultants and employees.

AXA had little visibility or analytics to quantify who received critical product & compliance information and if they understood that information. AXA faced challenges in creating a culture of learning among employees and financial consultants because they had minimum insights on what was effective.