Customer ready

Skilling drives productivity of customer facing teams at this West African Development Bank

Customer: Carbon (a digital bank with over 650,000 customers), Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana


The management team at Carbon recognized early on the need to communicate the company’s vision, mission and values to every employee. Customer Service was identified as a key skilling area to improve service excellence and customer satisfaction.


Carbon uses a mobile-first and data-driven approach to providing financial solutions to their mobile savvy employees and customers. The BigSpring learning platform was a natural choice for Carbon, because it blends an easy-to-use learning experience across mobile and web, along with deep analytics. Within days, Carbon was able to roll out its portfolio of skills - sourced from custom content and the BigSpring Universal  Library.


To date, Carbon has trained 100% of their employee base. Customer service employees have reduced turnaround time, addressed 100% customer queries in the first instance and stayed updated on new product advancements. In a recent survey, 86% of the employees want to continue learning on BigSpring, while 97% felt the tool helps them apply the newly acquired skills on the job.

Rapid Skilling of frontline employees
  • New Carbon employees are assigned induction training while current employees are equipped with design thinking, technical training and customer success training skills.
  • Carbon managers create content for their teams using  their smartphones with BigSpring’s Content Playbook. Topics range from product training, SOPs, customer service and company culture.  BigSpring enables the produced content to be available to them within days.
  • Next up are skills on leadership and communication, soft skills and training on digital tools the company uses.
“I have watched the videos and I think this will be really good and informative when onboarding new staff.”
“Simple and easy to use unlike other apps where you need to watch the tutorial again and again.”
- Carbon Employees