Frontline sales ready

216% YoY upsell bookings within 5 months of launching BigSpring with 17 distributors

Before BigSpring:

One and done enablement: webinars with decks and limited follow up. Limited visibility into retention of product knowledge and sales activities. Partners get overwhelmed by multitude of assets shared via different platforms. Almost no partners solicited expert input from Cisco during the sales process.

Now Cisco can:

Accelerate sales proficiency on new products with campaigns on pitch practice.Scale peer to peer knowledge sharing, e.g., best pitches become content.Stay top of mind thanks to fun, bite-sized, mobile-first format. BigSpring is one stop shop.Monitor pipeline activities and account nominations.Nurture deals & incentivize partners more efficiently; –50%+ of sellers asked for support

9 countries, 82 channel partners, reached at scale within 4 weeks of launch.

Scalable pipeline support and nurturing of deals after getting visibility.