Digital ready

Social media giant uses BigSpring’s localized training at scale to get journalists digital ready

The Challenge

Journalists in emerging digital markets don’t have access to up-to-date learning. This constraints the ability of journalists to learn what they need to in order to cover the news effectively and safely using the Facebook platform. 

The Solution

Facebook uses BigSpring to reach journalists with Data-light mobile training, high velocity deployment of custom content in local languages and coaching and certification to support emerging digital journalism.

The Outcome

Facebook can reach people around the world they couldn’t reach before, and equip these journalists with relevant skills.

Read about the program impact on the Meta Blog - 1,000+ Bangladeshi journalists trained in Facebook fundamentals


Facebook is the largest aggregator of news in existence.

The Facebook Journalism Project works with publishers around the world to address the news industry's core business challenges. Lack of a skilled journalism ecosystem in emerging digital-first markets impacts the ability of news organizations to scale and succeed.

“BigSpring gave us the platform to quickly pivot our Getting Started with Facebook for Publishers modules to form fit into a great mobile learning program for journalists we would not be able to reach otherwise.”  -  APAC Facebook News Partnerships

“The program uses small modules or video lessons which are really easy to understand. The BigSpring app itself is convenient and I was able to pause and resume it to finish the skills at my convenience." - Karim W., Learner

“You can use the app anytime and anywhere. You can complete the Facebook Fundamentals for News course while sitting in traffic.” - Bipasha, Learner

“The BigSpring app was very easy to understand as it explained the course material through a dialogue between two people. As the module uses recorded videos, I was able to watch the videos and complete the course in my own time.”  - Naznin A., Learner

“This program will play a unique role in my career. This will allow me to keep my Facebook safe. I will be able to use the experience of this course to create my own news, video content and present it to the readers and viewers in a more beautiful way." -  Pritom S., Learner