Product Ready

BigTech brand uses BigSpring’s high velocity product training to rapidly get Product Ready

The Challenge

The Google Ads team releases over 500 feature updates a year. Channel partner adoption of Google products lagged behind new product innovations, slowing growth. 

The Solution

BigSpring delivers high velocity product training deployment at pace with innovation. This creates global reach and visibility across the Google ecosystem. Deep analytics provide insights and feedback on product proficiency.

The Outcome

Google can now rapidly deploy market-relevant product skills to their massive ecosystem of practitioners at pace with Google’s innovation velocity. This lets growth move as fast as innovation.

Skills creation at pace with innovation

The gCare team supports millions of ad practitioners globally.

Google Ads deploys 500 feature updates a year. They suffered a 12-24 month lag in GTM because the gCare team could not deploy skilling to and support practitioners at pace with product evolution. What was at stake was product utilization across the ecosystem of practitioners -- Googlers, agencies, vendors. 

What the learners and creators have to say

“I learn about new product features with Skill.Camp on BigSpring’s mobile app. I can access it anytime anywhere. The content is in a very snackable format.” -  Steve D, Learner

"The Custom Bidding and Brand Lift 2.0 videos helped a lot. There were some details that I was able to explain to my clients that I would have missed if just reading docs." - Sofia D., Learner

“I feel like Skill.Camp is one-stop-shop. There are some topics that no one else have ever covered in any product training. It's great to see that some of the niche topics being addressed." - Kruti T., Learner

"I was working on a pitch, and I was able to pull out the key points from SA360. I found these really useful as concise points when discussing with clients.” - Anisha P., Learner

“Being a coach has been a wonderful experience for me. It helps me understand the core values of leadership, to guide learners in the right direction.”  - Pranjal V., Coach

“Recording the second video only took me 1.5 hours. It was fun and a nice break from the day. And the end result is good -- the fact that people are doing the Rep and answering correctly!" - Mary W., Creator