Customer ready

Accelerated growth & compliance at a financial company

100% sales target attainment during pandemic, with hard shift from physical to digital on BigSpring.

3x more topics deployed 2x faster

2x engagement on LinkedIn Learning when integrated into BigSpring.

Before BigSpring:

Trainings were entirely via offline classroom: limited flexibility for sellers & not scalable.

100 terminations a year due to non-fulfillment of compliance requirements.

Year-end rush to complete compliance requirements, taking away focus on sales targets.

Time-sensitive updates communicated via email meant limited visibility on effectiveness.

Now HSBC can:

Accelerate seller proficiency and hence adoption of new & existing products.

Reach audiences at scale via a single channel for communications.

Mass personalize by rank, channel, agency, with agencies able to have own workspaces.

Engage sellers at unprecedented rates via self-paced, bite-sized, mobile-first format.

Differentiate from competition when recruiting new sellers

"We use BigSpring as a recruitment tool… show the app to the candidate, even if they have no experience, we have a tool to enable them.” - Rina, Head of agency distribution

“I can go into BigSpring and refresh my product knowledge quickly…it is easy to convey these updates to the customers.” - Serene, User

“With BigSpring, we can follow up on whether our sellers apply what they have learnt.” - Soon Peng, Agency director