Compliance ready

160+ videos submitted in 8 business days, and all Sales Reps certified...

Before BigSpring:

No visibility of compliance & proficiency of individual Sales Reps prior to certification.

“Spray and pray” training, with little personalized follow-up.

Self-practice lacked interactivity (e.g. objection handling) Sellers certified in live calls, needing timeaway from the field & scheduling overhead.

Now they can:

Monitor real-time compliance & proficiency at scale, and plot improvement over time.

Train AI to track noncompliant word usage, mispronunciation, quality& accuracy.

Personalize and automate remedial training for laggards.

Improve seller performance through interactive self-assessment +coaching.

Free up time for managers to sell more, and coach asynchronously when convenient.

160+ videos submitted in 8 business days, and allSales Reps certified.

SalesReps practiced3x more using BigSpring vs traditional trainingmethod.

More time selling thanks to flexibility from asynchronous coaching.