Channel sales ready

An international company uses BigSpring’s unified channel enablement to get teams sales ready


Tata Steel’s channel partners were ill-equipped to defend a 60% price premium, because they were not able to keep current with product updates in a timely manner.


BigSpring’s bite sized learning is localized and easy for busy sales reps to view in the field. Integration with Salesforce assigns skills based on performance and assigns opportunities based on sales rep proficiency levels.


Tata Steel can now directly influence sales outcomes through a single platform that delivers skilling and measures proficiency. 2000+ sales reps receive weekly learning on product knowledge and sales skills.


Tata Steel is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world.

Tata Steel’s sales force includes its own team along with 40 distributors and 8,000 dealers/retailers scattered across India, with hundreds of sales reps in remote locations. Tata Steel’s product commands a 60% price premium over competitors but their teams were inadequately equipped with product and value selling skills to defend this premium.

Connect Skills to Sales

Product Engagement

With learning integrated to backend sales performance systems, Tata Steel can now link learning performance to sales KPIs such as leads created, leads conversion and deals closed

Rapid Updates

Product Velocity

BigSpring provides Tata Steel with a single, unified channel for distributing product updates and information, training and measuring impact. This lets Tata Steel roll out continuous updates so channel teams are always up-to-date. 

Channel Visibility

Measure Impact

Deep analytics provide visibility into proficiency and learning needs. Leadership can identify what skills drive product sales and what skills are missing and need to be created within the workforce.

"The concept of UGC resonated extremely well; this is really something that we need. Also I quite like approach of reps becoming future content" - Chief Scientific Services 

“Selling skills like Planning my day and Closing Sales are very helpful. I am using these skills to increase my professionalism and sales.”  - Area Sales Officer

“The app is simple to use and is helpful in our daily sales tasks. It has helped to sell our products to dealers and customers very well.”  - District Sales Officer

“It is a self skill platform that enables us to become better sales professional and increase our sales, how to handle customers, sell end product to them and explain about the product features. Important app to improve ourselves and I use it daily. - District Sales Officer

“Coaching was easy - point to point very sequential - hence effective explain the details and features of the product by showing the videos directly to the customers.” - Branch Manager